Best Men Hair Dyes to Color Grey Hair At Home, In Pakistan

When aging process begins, you start finding the grey hair that may seem odd. Subsequently, you need to add the best hair dye in your hair care regimen. However, many people want to change their hair color for meeting the trending fashion and style. Whether you want to change your natural hair color or cover the grey hair, you need to pick the best hair dye for men in Pakistan. Here, you can find the comprehensive details of best men hair dyes, tips and tricks for hair coloring at home, and best brands of men hair colors, from Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

Best Hair dyes for men in Pakistan:

1.      Just For Men Original Formula Men’s Hair Color

Just for Men hair color is formulated to dye the grey hair and give natural hair look. It has the non-dripping lather in and shampooing out formula. The hair color infuses with the natural hair color while nourishing the hair. It is the temporary hair color for men, as it can last for up to eight weeks. You can get the original Just for Men hair color from Amazon hair dyes online shopping in Pakistan.

2.      Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color for Men

Clairol Natural Instincts hair color is made with Aloe, vitamin E, and proteins, which nourishing the hair while covering the grey hair. It is the semi-permanent hair color, which does not contain any ammonia or harsh chemical. The hair color will last for up to 28 shampoos. It gives the neutral shade on grey hair so hair will look naturally colored. Men can choose this USA imported hair dye in Pakistan for natural look.

3.      RefectoCil Cream Hair Dye

If you want to color your hair instantly then RefectoCil Cream hair dye will work the best for you. It gives the permanent color on grey hair color within just 10 minutes. The hair color will last up to 6 weeks with proper hair care. It is best hair dye for beard, head, sideburns, and even for intimate parts. The waterproof and generous hair color will make you look younger without spending hours in salon. You can find it at the reasonable price through the facility of Amazon men hair dyes online shopping in Pakistan.

4.      Bigen Ez Color For Men

Bigen Ez Color for men has the hair nourishing dye formula, as it contains Aloe Extract and olive oil. There is no ammonia and low peroxide, which can harm the hair and scalp. The no stain on scalp formula makes the hair color look natural. It is excellent for grey coverage. It is suitable to use on head and beard. The color will last for longer time so you can use it as the permanent hair dye for men in Pakistan. Professionals highly prefer the USA imported hair color, bought through Amazon men hair dyes online shopping in Pakistan.

5.      Manly Guy Henna King BLACK Hair color for men

Manly Guy Henna King hair color is providing the cruelty free and natural ingredients for grey hair coverage. It is made with henna and herbs that naturally color the hair without any burning, rash, or itching. It is perfect to use on head, beard, mustaches, and any facial hair. The henna hair color for men is safe and easy to use forgetting naturally black and shiny hair that can last for 4 to 8 weeks.

6.      Just For Men AutoStop Men’s Hair Color

Just for Men AutoStop Men’s Hair Color is designed for easy hair color application with professional touched coverage. It comes with the mess free combing applicator so you just need to comb in and then shampoo out. It allows you to color your hair at home with an ease. You can find the best Just for men hair color price at here and get it from Amazon men hair color online shopping in Pakistan.

7.      SoftSheen Carson Hair Color for Men

SoftSheen Carson Hair Color for men is actually the shampoo-in color that works in just 5 minutes. It has the aloe vera and honey that keeps the hair moisturized and healthy looking. The ammonia free formula keeps the hair naturally black. It is the easiest men hair-coloring product for grey hair coverage. The hair color will gradually fade out around 6 weeks. It is the best men hair dye to use at home.

8.      True Sons Foam Hair Dye for Men:

True Sons Foam Hair Dye has the no-ammonia formula to make the hair look dense by boosting the hair shade. The hair foam dye actually masks the grey hair for giving you the younger looking natural hair. You just need to dispense the foam and apply it on your hair with hands. it also allows you to get subtle grey hair look and full grey hair coverage. You can find this best quality hair dyes for men at the reasonable price via the facility of Amazon hair dyes online shopping in Pakistan.

Professional Tips to color grey hair at home:

  • If you are trying any new hair color then avoid using the permanent hair color. It becomes hard to change the color if you make a wrong shade for your hair
  • Avoid using light hair shades for grey hair coverage, as it seems odds and fake.
  • For natural look, allow some grey hair to shine through your colored hair. subtle grey hair dying techniques works the best for men
  • Reapply the hair color after 4 to 6 weeks.

Where to Buy Hair Color for Men in Pakistan

If you are looking for USA imported hair dyes for men in Pakistan then explore our collection of hair coloring products. Choose the suitable hair shade and best brand of hair color and place your order now. You will get the hair color for men at your home door with cash on delivery facility via Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

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