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We are an online store dedicated to enhancing and providing solutions for your online shopping experience. Our main objective is to give you a smooth experience whenever you are ordering or shopping for a product over the internet from anywhere in Pakistan. We import quality products from the USA’s best online sellers, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. You can also do online shopping from Aliexpress or Amazon with out help.

Our Products and Services

At shoppingexpress.pk, will help you import any item from USA’s best online sellers. You just have to share Amazon or ebay or AliExpress product link with us. Our sales peson will get back to you with best possible estimate. We are the best choice in today’s online market if you need to import products in the following categories; cosmetic and makeup, clothing for both men and women, toys for kids and babies, health and fitness equipment, electronics, shoes, office equipment etc.

Shop and import home fitness equipment such as mats, exercise bikes, or dumbbells from USA’s online shops with the help of Shoppingexpress.pk. We will also help you purchase best-selling beauty products on Amazon such as Mascara, foundations, eye shadow, shampoos, moisturizer, body lotions, face cleansers, anti-aging products, exfoliators, scrubs, gel etc.

In clothing, Shoppingexpress brings home the best in sportswear, office-wear, casuals, underwear etc. for both men and women. Get the best lingerie, boots, heels, dresses, suits and so on from our online store.

Shop for classic kid’s toys through our online shop such as; teddy bears, puppies, colorful cubes, tricycles, wow-wees among many others. We are extremely quality concious and always suggest 100% original products available on Amazon and eBay.

Shoppingexpress.pk Makes Online Shopping Easier

We all love shopping! Unfortunately, some of the products we would like to include on our shopping lists are not available at the local stores. Fortunately, and thanks to technology, today we are able to buy these products from all over the world through online shopping. But how do you buy a state of the art painting from the USA and have it delivered to you wherever you are in Pakistan? This is where Shoppingexpress comes in.

Our Online Shop

Besides helping you purchase products from other online stores like Amazon, we have our own online store that stocks a huge range of products and commodities. Shop till you drop! We stock different items such as household items and utensils, foodstuff, decorating and other household materials and electrical appliances, among many others. Click through the main categories or further scroll down the sub-categories to find all that you want. 

Why Shop Online With Shoppingexpress.pk

Online shopping should very convenient for the shopper. We are the online store that complements that experience.

We Tell You What Is Available

At Shoppingexpress.pk, we provide you with a review of the products that are trending in online shops. We provide these products in our online shop with the help of our dedicated staff. This ensures that you can access these products whenever you need them.

Product Analysis

To keep you updated on the latest commodities that are available. We have a team that is dedicated to analyzing the latest products and keeps you updated through email notifications sent directly to you.

We Are Keen On Quality

We bring you an array of quality products from the most trusted brands across the world. With us, you are certain of both quantity and quality.

Window Shopping

Gone are the days you had to leave your house to do the shopping. These days, you can do it from the comfort of your home via our stress-free online store at shoppingexpress.pk. Get a sneak peek of all the products you may require, along with our very reasonable and affordable prices.

We have a shopping squad that is ready to help all our customers. From the moment you spot an item from our store to the minute you receive it at your doorstep, we have a team that is waiting to help you sail through the process smoothly. Online shopping should be hassle-free and that is what Shoppingexpress is all about.

We Offer Convenient Payment Options

At Shoppingexpress, we understand that shopping online can raise trust issues. As such, many customers prefer to pay for a commodity only when they receive it. No problem! Order your favorite products from our online store and make payments when our sales personnel make deliveries to you.

Saves You Time and Energy

At Shoppingexpress, we just need you to identify the product of choice. Leave the rest to us. We will deliver it to your whereabouts in Pakistan. This saves you time and energy and lets you concentrate on other activities. As such, you can still do your shopping as you carry on with your busy lifestyle. Shoppingexpress.pk comes in very handy.

We Offer Product Warranty

Our online store acknowledges the plight of consumers buying goods that do not measure up to their expectations. With us, you do not have to worry. Our products have warranties and we allow returns and /or refunds where necessary. Read more from our friendly terms and conditions. We are keen to observe and maintain quality at all times.

How to Shop On Shoppingexpress.pk

We only require you to register by signing up on our online portal. This registration is completely free of charge. Once registered, you can browse through the different categories as you add items of preference on your online shopping cart.

After filling your online shopping cart with the products you would like, our sales team will deliver these products to you, wherever you are. You can choose to pay for your products on delivery, or via bank deposit - you will be supplied with details accordingly. You can also choose to pay cash or via easy paisa.

Shoppingexpress respects your privacy and will not share your registration information with third parties. Our privacy policy ensures that your personal information is safe and secure, and will only be shared with third parties in case it is necessary for completing some payment transactions.

We Value You, Our Customer

We value you, you are supreme. Your concerns come first. Our chief goal is to provide you with the things you want and to do so on time. To further understand your concerns, we invite your feedback regarding the products available on our online store. Tell us about your experiences with products available at our online shop or share your experience while shopping with us. We are also open to receiving your views about products or goods you would like us to stock in the future. We do not just ask, we listen to you and implement. This is because our main goal is to serve you better, today and in the future.

Shop with Us, Today!

We are living in modern times. Shoppers all over the world are increasingly embracing online shopping. Pakistan has not been left behind and we are here to help enhance your experience. Have you spotted a product you like on Amazon, Aliexpress, Pinterest or eBay? Order it today by filling your cart on our online store at shoppingexpress.pk and leave the rest to us. We will deliver it in time and in a good state. As long as it can be found online, Shoppingexpress will have you sorted. Do not forget to check other products available on our online store.

Shoppingexpress, ensuring a hassle-free online shopping experience in Pakistan.