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Import AliExpress Products in Pakistan

Aliexpress is the famous Chinese website, which has long list of products of various types. Shopping from aliexpress in Pakistan was the complex procedure before the arrival of relevant online shopping website. Our online shop allows you to access and buy any products through online shopping from china to Pakistan with cash on delivery. Wide range of Aliexpress products in Pakistan includes beauty products, plush toys, baby toys, appliances, mobile phone covers, winter clothing, women clothing, men clothing, latest electronic devices, women shoes, men shoes, kid shoes, jewelry, watches, bags, health products, outdoor product, office supplies, and more. The unique and interesting products make it the best online shopping facility from Aliexpress in Pakistan with cash on delivery option. Now, you do not need to struggle for aliexpress shopping in Pakistan. Explore the collection at our online shop to get your favorite products at the best price in Pakistan. Customers can also place the custom order of any aliexpress products in Pakistan by sharing its link with us. All the China imported and original products will import and deliver to you through online shopping from china in Pakistan. The best facility of Aliexpress online shopping in Pakistan is also offering cash on delivery, home delivery, fast shipping, simple procedure, reliable facility, and more. Exploration of aliexpress products collection will amaze you, as you will find unique and cool products at the reasonable price. Just place your order for any product and get it through aliexpress shopping in Pakistan with cash on delivery facility.

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How I can get product from aliexpress?

Aliexpress is the Chinese marketplace for buying the unique and interesting products at the reasonable place. However, it is exhausted to buy any imported product from china to Pakistan. It is not simple as pick the product you want to buy, place your order, and get the product with cash on delivery. The procedure involves International mailing office, FBR Pakistan, custom duties, etc. Therefore, our online shop comes to let you purchase the best china imported products in Pakistan with cash on delivery. You can find the large spectrum of aliexpress products in our collection. If you find difficulty in finding any specific product, then you can place custom order. For placing order for aliexpress products in Pakistan, just share the product link with us. You can share the URL of your required product via Whatsapp or email. Our assistive customer service will guide you and place your custom order.

What kind of products I can buy from aliexpress?

The wide range of aliexpress products can be bought through our online shopping website. The versatile collection of products is ranging from men and women fashion products to mobile accessories. However, there is a prohibition on importing some hazardous products, such as Mobile phones, Communication Device that uses SIM, Encryption Devices, Arms and weapon, Dangerous Chemicals, Explosives items and chemicals, Alcoholic beverages, Flammable Items, Radioactive Substances, Animal skins or animal parts, Government IDs and Uniforms, Pressurized Cans, etc. We will not import any of them, as per the guidelines of government of Pakistan.

How much time requires for aliexpress products to deliver?

The entire procedure of importing product from aliexpress to Pakistan is comprised of multiple steps, including IMC, FBR, custom office, mailing office, etc. Therefore, it will take around 4 to 5 weeks. However, this procedure becomes simple for you with our facility of aliexpress online shopping in Pakistan.

Do I have to pay some in advance for aliexpress products?

Every buyer needs to pay advance for availing the smooth and convenient facility of aliexpress shopping in Pakistan. However, our policy varies according to price of product. If the net price is less than 1000/- PKR, then buyer will pay full payment in advance. If the net price is greater than 1000/-PKR, then buyer will pay half payment in advance. Our system cannot any condition other than these conditions. So, customer should avoid asking for full payment on cash on delivery.

Can I get refund over aliexpress products?

There is no refund policy for aliexpress products. We import every product on customer's demand and confirmation. Therefore, we are not liable to give guarantee of quality or originality of product. However, we will definitely help you in finding the high quality products at aliexpress.

Should I have to pay custom clearance charges over aliexpress items?

Custom officials have considered the aliexpress shopping as imports, so everyone has to pay the custom duty for receiving the imported products. We, as a reliable online shopping website, have generated a formula to incorporate all the custom clearance charges wisely. The pricing formula makes it simple to quote the price in PKR. The custom clearance charges for imported aliexpress products include postal free, custom duty, packing charges, regular duty charges, sales tax, shipping charges, and holding tax. We will quote the calculated price of aliexpress product, which you have to pay for having the delight of AliExpress shopping in Pakistan.

How to Choose Right Product from Aliexpress?

Aliexpress has the quick search engine, which generates shortlist of your searched products within few seconds. The product categories also assist you in finding the specific product with an ease. There is a tip to pick the right product from aliexpress, i.e. the specification and rating. Always see the specification of product for selecting the right product of your need. For finding the quality and originality of product, you should go through the reviews, rating, and comments of your selected product. The positive rating and reviews increase the chance of getting high quality products from AliExpress to Pakistan. For satisfaction, you can also directly choose the product from a "Brand Premium" tagged shop, as it is being marked for its excellent service.

What product's rating means to us?

Product's rating actually depicts the quality of products. The rating of every product goes from 1 to 5. You can correlate the rating with the quality, as rating goes higher with quality. The best online shopping tip is to choose the product with higher rating. If you find your required product with lower or negative rating then you should switch to other seller without thinking twice.

What are the other charges that have to pay with product cost?

When you see any specific product on Aliexpress, you will find product price with separate shipping charges. Every buyer is liable to pay those international shipping charges with the product cost. However, we also demand the cost of other elements for importing your required products from AliExpress to Pakistan. For instance, standard shipping cost, local shipping cost, international custom duty, Pakistan's tariffs charges, taxes, and our service charges. For buying the electronic product or higher dimension product, you will also have to pay 30% custom duty with actual product price

How can I get my product from Aliexpress fast?

Aliexpress has the standard shipping modes. It uses four means to ship the product from china to Pakistan. Aliexpress standard shipping will take 21 to 39 days to ship but it mostly comes with free shipping facility. China Post registered air mail is another AliExpress product shipping option, which offers the delivery time of 23 to 49 days. Through these modes, your product may also get late or lost so they do not come with tracking numbers. The other modes are EMS and DHL, who ship the product in 19 to 27 days and 9 to 18 days, respectively. For using the EMS and DHL shipping modes, you need to pay greater shipping costs. If you want to avail this service of fast delivery from Aliexpress, select your required shipping option at the time of placing order.