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Terms & Conditions:

Welcome to our E-shopping site. Our terms will apply to the site, all subsidiaries, all of its dissections and all affiliated operated internet sites.
If you are not agreeing with our terms and conditions then your functions and use will be restricted to particular point. We have authority to change, modify, add or remove any point from the terms and conditions without prior terms notifications. So be updated regularly to avoid any problems.

Use of the site

You should be of 18 years or using the site in the presence of parent or guardian. We will give a non-conveyable and reversible license to access the site, under our terms and conditions described, in order to aim of shopping for personal items sold on our e-store. Its commercial use or on the behalf of any other party is prohibited, except clearly allowed by us in advance.
Any sort of violation to these rules shall result in the immediate cancellation of the license given here in terms without notice to you. The whole content available on the site is for information purposes. The representations of the products on out e-store are given by our vendors and are not granted by us.

Specific features and services are limited to those users who register themselves in order to achieve access to those services, in such case you have to provide precise information and update such sort of information if there is any modifications occur. The registered user is solely responsible for his password or account. We shall not be responsible if any sort of directly or indirectly, loss or damage occur, which leads to your failure to comply with this section if you didn’t notify us for any unauthorized use of account or password occur.
At the time of registration you agree to receive promotional email form the website. You can be opt out of gaining such promotional e-mails.

User submissions

Anything you submit to the site or give us including reviews, questions, comments and recommendations will be solely our property and shall not reciprocate to you. You shall not use wrong e-mail address, looks like that you are other than you; it may lead towards misconception to us or third party in case of delivery of your orders. We shall not be condemn any sort of remove or edit any submissions.

Order acceptance and pricing

Attention please! Your order may be cancelled at any time or refused for any reason. Some of times you have to ask to give us further details and verification other than address, name or any other before we accept your order.
In case of debit or credit card fraud, we have right to gain validation of your payment details prior to giving you with the stuff you have ordered and to authenticate your private information you share to us. This process includes getting your identity, place and banking information. If there is unavailability of the concerned details; automatically leads to the cancellations of order within 2 days. We have the right to cancel your order at any time if we have fraud risk in the use of debit or credit card use.
We are steadfast to give you the precise information on the site to our customers; yet, mistakes may still occur, in such cases when price of a specific item is not displayed accurately on website; we have right to cancel your order at our own discretion and may be contact you for further instructions and notify you for such sort of cancellations. We shall have the right to cancel your order in case of your late confirmation or availability of uncharged credit card.

Delay in Delivery

We do our best to deliver the products to customer door steps within 15 to 20 working days but since we are importing products from USA so there could be reasons of delay of shipment/products e.g. weather conditions, national holidays, shipments delay, vendor delay, unavailability of products, unforeseen circumstances etc. If your shipment/ products will be delayed due to any above mentioned reason will not response for any refund. We do our best to deliver the products ASAP.

Cash on delivery (COD) option is not available on the following items.

  1. Apparel (Garments)

  2. Mobile Phone Cases & Screen protectors

  3. All kind of Jewellery/Glasses

  4. Shoes

  5. Books

  6. Customizable Products

  7. CD/DVD

Trademarks and copyrights

All enlightened property rights, whether lodged unregistered, in our site, any content, website design, not only text, photos, graphics and music their arrangement, all sort of software’s code shall remain our property. The whole stuff of the site is screened by copyright as a whole under Pakistani copyright laws and foreign traditions. All rights are reserved.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The terms discussed here shall be interpreted and governed by the laws in force in Pakistan so everyone have to agrees to submit to the hegemony of Pakistan courts or any objections raised.


Any sort of cancellation of these terms shall not influence the related rights and duties of the parties emerging before the date of cancellation. Above all the site shall not be prone to you or any other individual in case of any suspension and cancellation. If you deny with the site or any other terms, policies, conditions, practices or guidelines then you can drop out using the site.