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10Pcs Awning Tent Canopy Clamp Tarp Clip Snap Canvas Anchor Gripper Caravan Jaw Grip Trap Tighten Tool Outdoor Camp Hike Kit

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Product Information

1.The serrated teeth of this tent fixed clip can "bite" the tent firmly and stably
2.It is mainly used for the tent whose end is overlocking. If you clip the tent, whose end is not overlocking, with this tent fixed clip, it is easier to be loose as it is just a single layer fabric and the clip is uneasier to fix
3.As for the tent whose end is overlocking, this clip can bear the large pull and will not be loose. At the same time, the damage to the fabric due to this clip is small
4.When you need to fix the tent or wind rope, you just need to take out this fixed clip and fix it anywhere you want to fix. Fix your camping accessories freely and bring you security
5.The wind blows and the sun shines. You are putting up the tent. When you finish, you are still a little worried as the wind is a little strong. So you take out the tent fixed clip and then use it to clip your tent. It is so easy and convenient
6.This tent clip is easy to use. Just use it to "bite" the tent and then push the rectangular ring to fasten it, then it is done

Material: ABS resin
Colour: Black
Tighten tents, awnings or use as hat clips
Toothed crocodile mouth for increased clamping force
Size: 33 * 10 * 13mm (1.3 * 0.4 * 0.5 '')
Hole diameter: 5mm (0.2 '')

Packaged include:
10pc/pack*tent clip


Type: 5 + Person Tent
Accessory Type: Others
name: tent clip

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